Saturday, 23 June 2007

Feeling rather lost!

Not had a very good day today, the schooling situation just doesn't look like it's improving and I feel I am hitting my head against a brick wall constantly. After fighting for over a year I have managed to get a statement, but that's it. Rather than being treated as a legal document that inforces the required amount of support it is just sheets of paper. I am so disheartened and feel I have yet another six weeks school summer holidays fast approaching with this huge black cloud hanging over us. I am being pushed around from pillar to post and no-one is really taking notice. Have started considering local papers and councillors again, even had home Education spring back into my mind again but that defeats the whole object of inclusion. Whatever way I turn it seems I simply cannot win.
Pushing that to the back of my mind ( that happens!!) I attempted some crafting this afternoon. After making Chris his birthday card I wanted to attempt the circle aspect of the design in other ways but having such awful handwriting I needed some help in remembering how to print off in a circle, found support on CBC forum and away I went. But my little brain did not stop there seeing as I wanted to use a circle I stole the card template 4 challenge on Just Bex and came up with the next card on my list of things to do!!!
Oh well at least I have achieved something today.

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mum on the run said...

This card is great Adele, really striking. The font looks fab!!