Saturday, 16 June 2007

Here are MY cupboards!!!!

Well..what do you think? I can appreciate they don't look much at the moment but close your eyes, picture them in a nice new, clean and tidy craft room and not a dark, dingy, spider filled, pre fab garage....but most important of all, think of them filled with crafty goodies!!!! Ooo...can't wait, can't wait...please Mr Planning Deptartment person, please accept our NOW!!!!!
Next how can I make them pwetty?


Hazel said...

I think the cupboards will be great, Adele. Hope the plans get approved sooooon. My room is going to fitted the week after next - can't wait (although at the moment I'm trying to get sorted - what a laugh!)

Claire Mackaness said...

They look scrummy just as they are.

Traceys-Crafts said...

They look lovely, would of been a shame not to use them. You could paint to co-ordinate & put curtain wire top & bottom inside the doors & put the same fabric inside to match the rest of the room if you wanted to hide things away from view.