Tuesday, 3 April 2007

What's in store today!!

After spending most of yesterday morning at the hospital with Amelia, she has been referred to ENT again with the possibility of having grommits fitted. She is just so congested over the winter months and it is really having an impact on her hearing. He speech is poor at the best of times so I am trying to be positive in thinking this can only be a good thing which may (fingers crossed) even help the clarity of her speech. Got enough time to get used to the idea anyway...on another waiting list!!!!!
Didn't do much in the way of crafting yesterday, cut some inchies ready for a swap on LCC but that was as far as I got with them!! I am also knitting another batch of likkle baby bootees for some cards and toppers.....I don't mind knitting them, it's the fiddly sewing up that puts me off, but perhaps I should set myself a goal. Hmmmmm yes!!!!

Let set some goals for the week then:

*Finish at least 10 pairs of bootees
*Finish the batch of XMAS wreaths I started making last month(in a vain attempt to be ogragnised!)
* Finish at least 10 more inchies
*Attempt the altered Eggbox challlenge on CBC( might get "help" from Kiddies!!!)
*ooo...yes Father In-Laws card too!!

I think I'd better stop there seeing as kiddies are at home with me!

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Frog said...

Ohhh Adele they look like they are having fun, cannot wait to see the finished eggbox.

Andrea_7 xx