Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Watch out for a new ME!

LOL...well, I am just trying to make a bit more time for ME to be honest. A vain attempt at eating a bit healthier, drinking more water and less alcohol, exercising a bit more, pampering myself a bit....but not actually managing much of it. Still the thought is there and I have decided to go for the chop...literally, I am having my hair cut and coloured on Friday, so if you see this strange woman walking around with a paper bag over her know it's all gone drastically wrong.
I have manged some crafting today, but only building up some stock on the baby toppers- I am prepared for a Kentish baby boom now!
Last night we went to watch Jack at Beavers as he had his investiture. He has seemed to fit in well and is really enjoying it. He now has a handful of badges that some kind mummy will have to sew on for him!!

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Hazel said...

Lovely photo of Jack!

Hope we're going to see a piccie of your new hair-do!

I've just tagged you!! (Details on my blog)