Saturday, 28 April 2007

OK then let's play tag!

My first time of being tagged! As I understand you have to do seven fact/habits about yourself then tag another seven!!

So here we go, sorry they are not at all interesting, but berhaps you could read them before bedtime to help you sleep!

1. I grew up in Peckham, South East London. When I moved to Dartford in 1987- I thought it was really rural!!!!

2. I took my driving test 3 times before passing!(blush)

3. I only survived a term of A Levels, before getting bored and I started my first job ( at Lloyds Bank) on my 17th Birthday.

4. I went to college in my late 20s to study beauty therapy- and haven't really used it since pasing my NVQ!

5. I have a passion for unhealthty food, crisps, chocolate, huge take away name it!yum.

6. At 41, I am trying to decide what to do with my life...but by the time I decide I may be 60!

7. I am trying to embark on a "new me" program after 7 years of motherhood- I have forgotten who I am, but I do know I will never get back to 8.5 stone again!

So now I need to tag seven other people - Tracey, Tigger.... back later! I have a little helper at the moment, this could take me all night.

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