Monday, 23 April 2007

Baby Baby Baby!!!

Well, what a dull day compared to yesterday. It is rather cloudy here and it has tried to rain several times but not really managed much at all- I hope it doesn't succeed at 3pm when I have the school run to do!!
Still playing catch up, but I have managed to sew up loads of little baby bootees and slowly I am sticking on tiny little bows! Just to make a break from the boredom- I thought I'd actually make a few toppers using them and you can see what I have come up with so far.


Wife2TJ said...

These are so absolutely PRECIOUS. Beautiful job!

Kathy said...

ooooh how cute are these baby cards?

Susan said...

What gorgeous baby cards!! Love the little booties - how sweet!

Kate said...

Ooh I LOVE those cards. Did you make the little booties yourself????
They're so cute , What a brilliant Idea. :-)