Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Got some catching up to do!

Had a lovely Easter weekend- went to Farming World on Saturday, had the In-Laws around for dinner on Easter Sunday and just spent yesterday in the garden with the children. Overall it was a rather laid back, relaxing weekend!! Now Chris is back to work and I have the challenging task of persuading Jack to do some of his homework rather than leaving it all 'til the last minute!

As for crafting...not a lot has happened!!! I looked at my list of things to do this week and hung my head with shame.....slap my wrist!!!! It's hard to get myself motivated with the children around, that's my excuse anyway. But I have got to make some baby bootee cards so hopefully that will give me a little inspiration.

The misty start to the day is slowly burning off and it looks like we are in for another gorgeous sunny day. Let's hang another load of washing out (yawn) ,drag Jack away from the TV for 10 minutes so that this afternoon we can "play!"

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