Thursday, 12 April 2007

Oh no...more paperwork!!!

Spent a while this afternoon shuffling papers (the 12x12 variety) in a fruitless attempt at the DCM midweek recipe!!!! After constant interruptions from Amelia I gave up and ran around the garden like a mad woman with her!!! Papers left scattered over my work bench...I thought to myself..."I will have a go later when kiddies are in bed!"

What a fool, as if that was ever going to happen. Just finished a lovely of wine in hand and the phone rings!!! It was our IPSEA fun or relaxation for me tonight- instead I will be enjoying the paperwork of Amelia's proposed statement!!!! To be honest, I am in "bury my head in the sand " mode. Had just about enough of it all. It's taken a year to get this far and her statement is about as woolly as a flock of sheep!!!!! Oh well, fill my glass up and surround myself in boring LEA papers.

On top of all that I spoke to our archietect today and he hasn't even started on our plans for the extension!!!!! At this rate it is going to be an absolute nightmare in the summer holidays with Amelia "caged" in one room amidst a building site of a house!!!

My wine glass is beckoning!!


Saffa said...

Hiya Adele!

Sound like you've got your hands full as usual..and you always seem to do a fantastic job of juggling it all!

I really hope things get sorted out for Amelia!

Thanks for popping by my blog hun!
If you email me your addy I'll post you the mag I have


Tigger's rambling said...

Fingers crossed that it will all be sorted soon (((HUGS)))