Thursday, 22 September 2016

Naughty boy Bruce!!!

On Tuesday evening my new mobile phone arrived so bit by bit I am transferring and updating contacts, apps, etc. So yesterday, between yet more appointments, I decided to get a few crafty bits and bobs out to try the camera!

I had been playing around with a few new stamps the day before and dusted off my Copic Collection, partially coloured only TWO images and very carefully cut around them in preparation to match them with some patterned papers and colour them to match.

Ok, so they were not complete, I still had to cut fine details with my craft knife and finish colouring them but it had been SO LONG since I had down this type of crafting I was feeling fairly please with myself........and considering my new phone is nothing too fancy, I was fairly pleased with the quality of photograph I took too.

Next I took some of my recent beady work out into the garden and played around with some wooden panels as a background. Consider the time and effort of the photography set up...again, quite pleased with the results.

Phone rang and I rushed in to answer it but when I went back my little images were nowhere to be found, besides the table on which I left them was a VERY guilty looking puppy dog!!! I rummaged around and as you have probably guessed, the only evidence I found was a chewed up soggy head and a bit of leg.....BAD, BAD BRUCE!!!LOL

I have pretty much a free day today, so I am abandoning the decorating for the day and playing with my crafty stash!

Happy Thursday everyone.


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