Saturday, 17 September 2016

Natural wrap bracelet!

Despite having a few reservation over my colour choices, I went ahead and finished my "natural" wrap bracelet this morning. Quite please with how it's turned out, I added some of the little Tibetan beads I recently treated myself to and I cannot wait to use then again!

I have been decorating the downstairs toilet on and off for a few months now, it all started when we had a leak under the hand basin! I am almost finished, just a few more little finishing touches. Only problem is that I sort of went a bit crazy with the paint roller and just kept going along the hall and now started working up the staircase!!!! I just keep making more and more work for myself, painting hallway furniture, changing drawer handles, altering the door's never ending.
I had told myself I was going to do some decorating today but I keep getting distracted by Tila beads!!! Hmmm.


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