Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Change of plan!

I had planned another day of decorating today, I am determined to get this hall finished and get new carpet fitted before Christmas! BUT a certain young lady was so, so groggy this morning and full of cold I felt it was unfair for her and her school to send her in. I decided that it was probably not a good idea to attempt decorating with Amelia at home and poorly so I thought I'd help hubby out with some of his back log of paperwork....but no internet. Work had been scheduled and we had been advised about a break in our service but I hadn't made a note of the date and it's never a good time.

So, what to do? I finished the beady bracelet that I started yesterday and even manged to take a few pics in the garden and conservatory in an attempt to get some good, natural light.

I am trying to make more detailed notes as I make my jewellery now, not exactly a pattern but just giving me more of an idea of costs/materials/lengths etc.

Cannot wait to try more colour ways like this but I had forgotten how fiddly it was threading Tila beads, good job I have my new super dooper glasses and craft light.

Bye for now.


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