Monday, 10 July 2017

Leather jewellery set

I am starting to panic a bit now as I feel I have hardly anything to put on my table at the school fair on Saturday!!!!EEK.

I am trying to tell myself it doesn't matter and that I m there to support the school in their fundraising but I know I lack so much confidence I am going to hate standing there expecting people to be interested in my "wares!"

Over the weekend I decided to do a bit of knitting, just a couple of tiny pairs of baby booties  but I really struggled and found myself in so much pain, I think knitting session are going to have to be very short and sweet from now on.

This morning I decided to put my card making to one side and concentrate on a bit more jewellery. (Mainly because I wanted to fill up the back of my revamped suitcase with earrings! LOL)

I ended up making this little leather set; bracelet, chocker/lariat and matching earrings.

Got enough brown leather cord to make another set so I am working on that next!

I feel I am running out of time this week already as I have a few appointments to fit in and I also need to make enough cakes to feed 50 people - hungry Girl Guides and their guests!!!!

Best crack on then


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