Friday, 28 July 2017

Craft Time and Goal setting ideas

As part of my Pain Management Program we talked about setting some goals, now I really struggle with goal setting as my mind goes off at so many different tangents with so many ideas on so many different areas of my life. I feel I am struggling to fully complete any task in what I feel is an acceptable time as I need to break so many things down into smaller, more manageable chunks. I end up feeling that I am not making any progress....yes, I know I am but I do love a bit of impact and that feeling that something is done thoroughly from top to bottom so I can, mentally or otherwise, cross it off my list! I am was a list person, but once again, stopped making lists as it was only making me feel more negative about my achievements, or the lack of them. LOL

Now I started a Journal at the beginning of the year, expecting it to be all pretty and creative but to be honest I am not really using it for anything apart from a habit tracker each month in an attempt to live and happier, healthier and less painful lifestyle...not sure that's working but hey ho!

I have set myself a couple of different goals, some short term, some longer but 2 of my short term goals where 1.To make more time for me to be creative. 2.To try meditation.

I haven't really thought them through properly yet and I need to sit down and throw some thoughts around as to making these SMART goals...but I remember seeing a journalling idea somewhere on the big WWW where they recorded moods I think it was, using little rows of flowers. So, I set to work on a journal page slightly different from my norm.

I am thinking along the lines of colouring 1 flower for every day I manage to spend some time crafting and 1 flower for every crafty blog, as that I way I feel I can record what I have managed to do, however little it may be!

AND what better motivation for a crafter than to treat myself to some new stash, I was thinking of  fairly quick and achievable goals and perhaps treating myself to £10 of Copics or Prismas/Polychromos. One of my fave online shops does free delivery with a £10 spend and has some great offers and super speedy delivery too.

I have cheated and counted my littlle scrappy attempt at pwetty journalling and this blog post and coloured in my first two flowers!! Tee hee,,,,, let's see how it goes.

Bye for now,



Shabneez said...

Short term goals always seem more achievable and I love your idea of colouring a flower a day. Treats, especially crafty ones are always a bonus! Good luck with your goal setting Adele and thank you for visiting my blog. Shabneez x

Sylvia said...

Thanks for the visitto my blog Adele. Great idea for setting goals.

Sylv xx

Kathy said...

I like your little line of flowers - they are so pretty!

I think the important thing with lists is always to have some items ticked off - even if you have to write them on the list after they are done - it's important to see that you HAVE done some things, rather than just list all those you haven't done (yet)

Tracy Welham said...

This is a lovely idea for habit/goal tracking. I'm a list person too and I've just started bullet journaling, the exercise I enjoy the most is the habit tracker but mine is just boring squares of colour. This seems like a much nicer way to mark off goals. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Unknown said...

Great tracking idea Adele. I am terrible at setting goals and getting organised, despite having several diaries, planners and notebooks on the go! Cathy x