Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Felt Pencil Toppers

Last year I made a few little props for a DIY Photo Booth at my 50th Party. As usual, I didn't do everything I would have like to do as time is always against me it seems.

However, I did put aside a cardboard prop to use as a template, which I came across the other day. I have had to rescue it from Amelia several times but yesterday I sat down and made up a couple of little felt pencil toppers using the template as a rough guide. Very simple, hand sewn with over stitch as I have somehow "mislaid" my sewing machine in the depths of my cluttered craft room!

Got loads of ideas for other designs, just need the time and motivation to face the clutter! Been sleeping terribly again, perhaps I need to increase my pain killers, I'm fed up of feeling so tired and still in so much pain.

Bye for now,


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