Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Colouring with Copics

I's been such a long time but I have dusted off my Copic markers and attempted a little bit of colouring therapy. I feels like I am a complete beginner again, my good old faithful Impress ink pads had dried up so I had to research online to find alternative inks to use. Luckily I found that an unopened Memento ink pad was ideal for the job.

I stamped up several images and set to work on them, one after the other, just colouring in the skintones. When my first batch was complete I decided to start again on the same batch but this time just working on hair colours.

I used Pinterest for references but got frustrated that a lot of the colours used I had not got in my Copic collection. SO....I thought I'd start making a very rough guide for my own use.

My first few images all use copics E33, E35 and E57. Quite happy with the way 2 of them came out but I need to look more at the shading and highlighting before I attempt the 3rd image again. lol

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