Saturday, 5 March 2011

Not exactly crafty but..... least we have had some form of creativity in the Dingle house today. A year or two (???) after having our kitchen fitted we decided that a few wall cupboards would come in handy. I wanted to free up a few of the base cupboards for things like Jack's homework books that are constantly being scattered around the house and in danger of Amelia using them for colouring books.
I am going to shuffle around and organise over the next few weeks but in general I am very pleased with the results. We have also at long last got the back panel of the breakfast bar fitted! Whoo hooo.....onwards and upwards.

I have tidied all the mess that was created washed all the new cupboards and will shortly celebrate the progress with a nice glass of something.

They are a few things I am dissappointed in however;

* Can't get glass shelves for the glazed cupboards instore as promised and will possibly now have to wait weeks until I can organise the glasses.

* Still waiting for Chris to fit and connect the lighting.

* Have you noticed another flaw? I NEED more wine!!!!!!!

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