Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Having a crafty sort out!

I am trying to find my missing crafty mojo hidden in the depths of a really messy craft room but unfortunately its gonna get a lot worse before I can see any improvement at all. A little while ago I discovered a long lost, rather large tool box lurking at the back of the spare wardrobe so I moved it into the craft room. There it sat, for weeks and weeks, possibly even months, me having to practically step over it every time I ventured in there. The worktops are not visble from underneath the piles of storage tubs, baskets, papers and general crafty clutter. Is it any wonder at all that I am not feeling inspired to get creative. Hey ho, onwards and upwards. I have cleared the contents of the large toolbox and stored into smaller boxes which fit onto my shelves and now I have some FLOOR! whooo hoooo! I can even whizz my office chair from my little worktop by the window over to the computer without crashing into anything! This morning I am starting to sort out my stamp collection. I feel it has been rather neglected as looking back at my creations over the last few years I have mainly used digi images. Don't get me wrong, I love digital images but I feel the need to a bit of rumaging around, organising, and storing in pretty little boxes! It's been so long since I crafted, I cannot even remember what I have! So far I have uncovered my little collection of Magnolia's, spurred on by a little purchase of 2 new stamps which arrived yesterday. Here is what I have uncovered so far:

I stamped several images yesterday and have since sat down with a nice cuppa and happily cut them all step.....................COPICS!!!!!!!

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