Friday, 18 March 2011

Those naughty knitting needle fairies!!!

My darling mum has been very busy with her knitting needles and is trying out a few new creations which really inspired me...yes, shock horror...ME feeling a little creative again. Thought I'd better act upon it quickly before it vanishes again BUT there is always a hurdle to jump isn't there.

There I was with a huge bag of scrummy wools at my feet, a stash of cute little projects to make and do you think I could find ANY knitting needles. Those naughty knitting needle fairies have come along and stolen ALL my needles while my creativity was AWOL!

Never mind, yesterday I took a very brief detour to my mum and managed to borrow a vey old pair of needles that we believe originally belonged to my Big Nan (Great Grandmother!) It was rather nice just sitting down and knitting just for the fun of it and even nicer knowing that my darling Big Nan had once been sitting down knitting away with those needles.

Right waffle over, I have given you a little sneek peak at what my mum has been creating and watch this space as we progress with a little more creativity. (Fingers crossed life doesn't get in the way again!)
x X x

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