Thursday, 10 February 2011

Day 4, recycled blooms & knitting

Today has been a bit of a funny old day. It started with Jack and Amelia bickering as usual and it wasn't the greatest start to the day. Amelia went back to school and I took the opportunity to blitz the kitchen while I waited in for a delivery of some more kitchen cupboards.

In the afternoon I decided to do a little bit of recycling! Tore some pages out of an old book, attacked them with inks and glimmer sprays, cut out layers of flowers, and edged with yet more ink....trouble is that looking at my hands now, I look like a very heavy smoker! LOL

Haven't quite decided how to finish them off, I have rummaged around my button box for some small, recycled shirt buttons but I am tempted to use some pearly brads....decisions, decisions.

I managed to do a few more rows of knitting last night too, the pattern is quite straight forward but it's slightly flared so I am having to decrease too.....haven't done any knitting for ages and although I haven't managed much since I started at the weekend, I have really enjoyed it.


Kim said...

Love the flowers - have you decided what to do with them yet?
I hope you don't mind but I've chosen you as one of my Stylish Blog Award nominees

Berenice R. said...

They look beautiful! :)

♥Alina♥ said...

nice blog