Thursday, 8 May 2008

Dotties World and my waffle!

The very talented Louise has started Dotties very own blog!!!!!! It is looking great so go along and take a look. Every Sunday a challenge will be set and every Thursday will be Customer card of the week!!! I am very shocked and honoured that Lou has chosen two of my Dottie cards to be featured this week- Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

I can't wait for the challenges to start, might give me the crafty kick up the backside I need at the moment!! My mum is back in hospital up in London and after dialysis this morning she is having yet another operation this afternoon. She sounded so low when I spoke to her last night and I hate being so far away and having no way to support her.

And my plans for today!!! Finish half cold cup of tea, hang out third lot of washing, finish painting this rotten's beginning to drive me mad! Have school dinner (!!!!!) with Amelia, attend meeting at school, collect children, cook dinner.......collapse in heap!!!!


Nicola said...

Well done Adele, a very deserved win your blog is wonderful!!

Louly said...

Sounds like a good plan to me, especially the collapsing bit at the end!