Sunday, 9 September 2007

Tearing purple holes or tearing my hair out!!

Out of my challenge to complete 5 Christmas cards by Tuesday, I have managed 2 this morning, this is the first of them. Like a mad woman rather than do something I was familiar with I tried to complete this weeks DCM dare.......foolish !!!

"Well, the time has come for our first Christmas card dare of 2007.But as loads of you have already shown some fab Christmas cards on your blogs, we thought we'd make things a little more Daring, interesting, tricky or downright mean - depending on your point of view!
So, we'd like you to make and show a Christmas card which incorporates the following:
Some Paper Tearing
The colour Purple
It has to have at least one hole somewhere in the design!
......BUT by "hole" we don't just mean the sort of hole you poke a brad through, or the holes you make for/with stitching - or even the hole you make to put an eyelet in - although you can use all those techniques too if you want.
We want you to be a bit/lot more inventive and creative than that, and we think you'll be able to come up with some wonderful ideas for making cards to fit this recipe.

My first hurdle with this is that I am really not a purple person and had no papers that I felt were really suitable. I ended up using a dark maroon colour but thought this was cheating far to much to get away with it, so I resorted to mounting it on a light purple(ish) colour card blank I made up with an oddment of card I had!! The design is very basic and I was so much happier with it when I put it onto a white card blank....but for the dare I bit my lip and stuck it on to the purple!!

Not one of my favs, but another xmas card off my challenge list!


Angelnorth said...

Love the glossy bits you've added to this Adele - it looks really a really classy card.

Paula said...

Its a lovely card,lovely detail.

Some people just aren't purple lovers, I fortunately am but when they said my first GD dare was xmas I nearly ran for my life...Im not fond of xmas cards until Nov!!

Tigger's rambling said...

Cool cards, I love the gingerbread man...well done :-)

Kathy said...

I think it looks great Adele!

You know, even a teeny weeny purple bead would have met the challenge - don't like to think of you tearing your hair out! :-)

Deb said...

It is a lovely card, don't know why you aren't happy with it!

Lynne said...

I think its a fab card Adele, it looks great.

stamp and scrape said...

You've done a good job here - love the papers and the image.