Wednesday, 5 September 2007

First day back at school!!!

The children went off to school as happy as anything, the structure of a routine is so much better so them, especially Amelia. Jack went in first- the juniors start slightly earlier- not a care in the world and big grin on his face. He adores school.
Next we walked back around to the infants and queued up for each class to be taken to their new classroom. Quite a few others were crying and clinging onto their mums...but Amelia took it all in her stride, cuddled a little girl who was crying and we took her in as "Amelia's helper!" Once it it was rather chaotic, as no trays had been made up and no-one knew where to put the water botttles etc...but Amelia co-operated and went around cuddling and saying hello to her friends and new teachers. She was shown how to select either "school diners" or "packed lunch" on the interactive white board.........LOL........she was well impressed and I can picture her causing rather a commotion with that if she gets the chance!!! I am still apprehensive about her being there as she hasn't the security of the Pre-school setting and is out in the large playground now....I will have to monitor how she gets on quite closely.
I am worried we will take a huge step backwards like we did last September. Over the school holidays she has been dry day and night apart from about 2 nights when we stayed out late and she was put to bed straight from being asleep in the car. Still I am assured that she will have support in class this year- it has taken 3 years to get it and a year fighting for statementing- this year could be make or break for her mainstream education- we will just have to wait and see!!!
Fingers crossed.

Chris is having a day out on his company, he is up at the Oval with some of the bosses watch England play......went off like a little kid this morning all excited!!! Not sure what time he will get back this evening- I am sure he will have a great day.

I am now in the calmness of home, no builders today, done a quick bit of housework and then.....MR POSTIE ARRIVED!!!!!!! Woo guess what I will be doing this afternoon!!!! I love my cuttlebug embossing folders already!!!! Off to make lunch and a cuppa so I can play!!

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