Saturday, 8 September 2007

Set myself a crafty goal!

I am thinking Christmas!!! Yes I know it is just unheard of for me to be organised and prepared for anything, but it doesn't stop me from trying. Things at home are as hectic as ever but I cannot see it getting any easier for some time yet- in fact they will probably get worse.
Yesterday was quite a big day really, not only did I have my first morning at work since being pregnant with Amelia bout 6 years ago...but we also had the first knock through on the extension!! I was dreading it as initially we thought we were going to lose the use of our bath...but we now have a sort of "half doorway" over the bath to let the builders have access into the extension. We all climbed over the bath into the extension yesterday afternoon and now I am sooo excited, it has made it all seem more real now and easier to visualise the new rooms as part of the house rather than just a building site stuck on the side of your house!!
Right sorry for going off at tangents.....back to the Christmas crafty business! I have set myself a small goal to achieve by Tuesday and then doing a weekly Xmas countdown!!

By Tuesday I am going to:
make at least 5 Christmas cards
start one pressie
continue sorting my stash!!!

Hope to incorporate a few challenges as I make them too!!!

Right, off to hoover up the rest of the brick dust....yawn....a never ending task in itself!!!

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