Tuesday, 4 September 2007

No papercrafting here then!

So much for PAPER crafting yesterday. I did however finish my knitting and sort out a bit more of my craft room (but it is still in chaos.) Hopefully this week we should have more of a idea when the windows are going in as I cannot really settle until after that is done.
I did also cut a few die cuts, but most of those were felt or chipboard rather than paper! Then I sat down and sketched a few Xmas card ideas, probably won't be able to find them when I need them though!LOL
Started getting the children's school bags ready yesterday, going to finish that today, pack PE kits and label up the rest of the new uniform so we are all prepared for their first day back-tomorrow!!! It has been a tough 6 weeks with everything going on for the extension but we always knew it would be- I am absolutley shattered and need to refocus on getting the house straight once all the building work is done- it has been difficult to see all the positive ahead of us through all the dust and chaos. We have got the plumber coming aroung this evening and then we can start looking forward to the exciting things...like ordering MY whirlpool bath!!!!
Right then, crafty plans for today.....hmmm....creativity is not easy with the children around and roofers cutting tiles all around us...we are as good as confined to the house again today. Well I need to be realisitic here.....I will probably bring my tagalong downstairs and cut a few xmas shapes, that way it will give me something to do of an evening snuggled up on the settee with Chris....I find inking and sticking the tiny shapes quite relaxing and rewarding to see rows and rows of dinky reindeers or wreath all ready to use!!! Might even treat myself to a few new dies today to give me a boost!!!

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