Sunday, 26 August 2007

A moment for crafting!!!

Not planned exactly but I managed to snatch some craft time on Friday night. It was Mother In Laws birthday bash on Saturday and late Friday night had a phone call from Father In Law saying how dissapointed they were as they couldn't get the Birthday Cake they wanted. They were after one of those with a photo on it but all the machines locally were not working! SO at about 9pm Friday night I came up with this mad idea to make something for here to stand next to her cake. FIL eventually emailled the piccie across about 10pm and I set to work...half asleep!!!Not quite the "frame" I initally planned, but quite please with the result given the timing. I planned to use much more sewing on this too but at about 11.30pm, after I had eventually decided what papers to use (blush) my sewing machine decide to be a bit temperamental and I wasn't in the mood to fight with it.
Been working on de-cluttering still and I am really itching to get back down to some "proper" crafting!!! I am thinking Christmas, I must be organised this year!!!

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Tigger's rambling said...

That is fantastic....I bet she was trilled with it :-)