Friday, 10 August 2007

A day out away from the rubble!

Took the kiddies to Groombridge today. We haven't been there since August 2005 and last time Amelia was still in her major buggy and we struggled getting around and missed out on the woodland walk which is a elevated timber walkway through the trees! Made up for it today and went around TWICE!!!! They both adored it. Jack was in his element, swinging on ropes, climbing through pipes and generally being the little daredevil he is. Amelia amazed us both and showed us just how much her mobility has improved over the last two years.
Took loads and loads of pics but here is one from August 2005 and one I took today. The one from today is one of my favs....just waiting to be scrapped!!!!


Hazel said...

Ahhh - glad you had a good day - what a lovely piccie of Jack and Amelia - look forward to seeing the scrapping.

Jules said...

Oh gorgeous picture of gorgeous children! How happy they both look, just lovely :o)