Thursday, 23 August 2007

Long craft!!!

Hectic as hectic can be!!!!! It's been a mixture of hospital appointments, broken down cars and complete chaos at home as the building work slowly takes over the house. What is't packed in a cardboard box is piled hign in a corner and I am really feeling the urge to "spring clean!" Pointless at the moment but I couldn't resist running around cleaning windows this morning in a vain attempt to feel like I had achieved something at least!!
This week we have roof joists and I am am asking any kind bloggers that pass this way to keep their fingers crossed for a fine weekend as tomorrow the old roof tiles are being lifted ready for the extension tiles to be laid BUT this isn't being done until after the building inspector has visited next week!!!!!! I can picture laying in bed and having rain pouring through the ceiling, or opening my eyes one morning and seeing the sky!!!! I am so impatient to get painting and decorating and basically making things "normal!"...well as normal as normal gets in our house.

Anyway, my little craft room is as chaotic as the rest of the house really. I have moved nearly everything into it, but it all needs completely sorting and organising the new storage areas! Feeling complete crafty withdrawal symptoms I left the excitement of the footy match and ventured into my crafty chaos with a large glass of wine, all set to make a card!! Got the basic design made up, but the lighting is so poor in there I couldn't make out what was white cardstock and what was cream or ivory!!! Feeling pretty fed up, I left it half finished to make up today.
Chris is such a darling, he came home tonight- big grin on his face- you know he has been up to something! He got me a few t-shirts from Next last week and one needed to go back- he not only took it back but replaced it with another one he knew I wanted, but for twice as much money!! Not only that he had popped into the DIY shop in his lunchbreak and got me a lovely little crome desk lamp. Really cute it is, he got it all put together for me. Carried up to my room where I was finishing off last night's meagre effort and "presented" it to me! Unfortunately...he didn't buy a bulb!!!LOL Not a problem I hope as I am after getting a daylight bulb for it if I can.
Right, enough of the waffle, need to print the insert to make my card creations for AUGUST officially........erm...blush.....well 1 I think!!!!!

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