Thursday, 16 August 2007

10 years ago today.......

...... I married my Mr Right!!!!! I will be the first to say we have had some tough times to cope with, but never between us as a couple. He truely is my world.

So much for not getting each other anything though, a beautiful boquet of flowers, a "Guardian Angel" pen ( to keep me safe ) and a couple of tops from Next!!! I got gave him the DMC Haberdashery card I made last month!! (BLUSH)

We are having a nice take away and a bottle of wine tonight and tomorrow the kiddies are off to stay with their Nanny & Grandad for a few days. Not going anywhere special- with the building work really coming along, we just haven't the spare cash...just ordered our outside lighting which was reduced, luckily we saved ourselves £40.......hmm tempted to spend that £40 on some scrummy Hero Art Xmas stamps I have my eye on...but no, slap my wrist I MUST be good!

Have been slowly but surely moving bits and bobs of my crafty stash into my new craft room. Today we moved the table...after I had eventually cleared all the stuff that had accumulated on top!!! I am seriously having crafty withdrawal symptoms. I am one of the people who likes constructivity. If I do a job , I like to do it to the best of my ability and do it properly! So with dust, sand and cement all around us, kiddies sharing bedrooms temporarily I am just bodging jobs as I go, just to make room and try to have as much "normality" in the house as possible.
It must be weeks since I have made a card!!!!!! I am going to spend a bit more time organising my crafty stash and then I will have some serious crafty catch up to do!!!


Jules said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see the new craft room, and the no doubt wonderful creations that will be born from it :o)

Happy Anniversary btw. We celebrated 12 years of marriage on the 14th August. I didn't get anything except a card that dh had got my dd to make for me. Sounds like you were spoilt, and deservidly so :o) Enjoy your child free time together!

Jules said...

Whoops, I even got the date wrong. Our anniversary was the 12th August. It was dh birthday on the 14th *blush*