Tuesday, 23 May 2017

More macrame!

I've had a couple of bracelets that needed finishing but somehow kept getting put off! Yesterday I actually got around to it...I think the main problem is that I wasn't happy with either of them. I am trying to build stock to hold a stall at a school Summer fair. I know I need to offer items at a lower price but I am just no "feeling it" as I am attempting some of these items!

I have had these infinity connectors for ages and this is the first time I have used one...but the bracelet is just not how I wanted it to be.

This one was originally planned to be 4 or 5 wraps but once again I wasn't happy with it. It is worked with multi strands...up to 12 strands at one point and I just felt it wasn't good enough. 

At some point I might have to try to adapt the idea though as I quite liked using a
 wider combination of stitch designs.

Back to the drawing board today though, what to do next....hmmmm????


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