Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Causing chaos in the garage!

Over the last couple of weekends we have attempted to start de-cluttering and re-organising the garage!! Not a task for the faint hearted! After taking out the old, base corner cupboard and rearranging the base units we made a start on the wall cupboards...absolute chaos with all the contents precariously stacked all over the garage.

I thought I'd use some of the green paint I had left over for what will hopefully give the garage a nice fresh, brighter look.

We have loads of these old wooden crates...which I fancied giving a bit of a revamp...

LOVED the way the metal edges came out after I had attacked them with some sand paper...

I wanted to buy some stencils to mark up the boxes in a more professional looking manner but my eagerness won me over and we have ended up with a rough, rustic and very much hand painted effect! LOL

Must admit it was a nice little creative break in between painting cupboard doors!

Still a long, long way to go but small steps in the right direction. 

Bye for now.


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