Thursday, 25 May 2017

Beaded earrings!

I am sat here, day 4 of having Amelia at home with a rotten cold. It's glorious outside but my head is pounding and my throat feels like I have swallowed half a tonne of gravel from the back garden, had my Tens machine on the go, on and off for the bulk of the day.
Chris isn't due back until late, late tonight and I am generally feeling sorry for myself! LOL

No energy or motivation to do much else so I have decided to make a pair of earrings this afternoon.
Not made many earrings before, in fact I think these are only my 4th or 5th pair. Trying to attempt a few new things but not being very adventurous!

Hmm, what next, I really need to do something to save what's left of my sanity!


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