Thursday, 24 April 2014

Craft Room progress....or not?

Spent some time over the weekend sorting out my craft room again. We took down a shelf underneath my long workbench and relocated a big A4 storage unit that had, until recently been taking up far too much space alongside my small worktop.  As if that didn't cause enough chaos, somehow it led to us gutting out the deep cupboard over the stairs! Several bags of  outgrown uniform later I clambered into the cupboard to give it a few coats of white pint to freshen and brighten it up. I then eagerly relocated yet another large storage unit that had been making the room feel very claustrophobic. By doing these crazy tasks I had wrecked ll the good work I had done previously.

Like every aspect of my little room, the inside my cupboard still needs an awful lot of de-cluttering and organisation, but considering it was one of those cupboards that jumped out at you when you opened the door, I am very happy. 

ESPECIALLY happy that I have now claimed it as a new crafty zone!

I was lucky enough to win a new chair on Ebay, it's just screaming out for a new hand made cushion, and luckily enough I found 2 cushion pads in the depths of the cupboard!

PLEASE NOTE- I HAVE A FLOOR! Something I have not seen in here for ages!

In finding the floor, my desk ended up like this again! 

I did sit down with Amelia and while she re-painted her birdhouse, I decoupaged a few old A5 storage boxes. One more to go then I need to re-shuffle the card and paper, decorate and label them. 

I moved our new printer and dusted off the PC, I hadn't used it for ages as I just didn't want to even go into my room, it was so cluttered and depressing. 

BUT in tidying the PC end of my long worktop, this is what happened at the other end! LOL 

Hmmm, Progress or not?????



Nicky said...

Thats the sort of progress I make, the area I am looking at improves then I turn round and see what I have done - love how your room is all coming together

Kath said...

I am sure you are making progress Adele. It takes a lot of time though doesn't it? You will get there however.