Sunday, 11 May 2014

Coconut bird feeders!

Now almost a year ago, at a Summer Fair, we won 3 coconuts! They have been sitting in our garage waiting for us to "do something with" since then.

Chris drilled a circle out of the front of the coconut shell and we cleaned the shell out. Next he drilled a few holes out of the top for hanging and a few small at the bottom for drainage. I used twine doubled up for hanging but not sure how long this will last, then I threaded the cut out circle through the hanging twine to form a little "roof!"

Amelia loved helping out and we mixed together some suet and a mixture of bird seed then spooned and pressed it firmly into the shell.

When we moved into this house 16 years ago the garden was beautiful, a country cottage garden, crammed with flowers and shrubs, no lawn, just stepping stones and rockeries around an old oak tree stump. Beautiful but not easy to maintain or child friendly. So over the years with all the changes we have made the birds have visited us less and less. When we fill the bird feeders all it seemed to attract was collared doves or wood pigeons.

We now have all 3 coconut shells out in the garden and I am delighted that the little blue tits are already putting them to good use. 

Little things please little minds! 


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