Monday, 14 April 2014

Back home with a bump!

Got back from our hols on Friday feeling well rested but certainly not ready to end our little break! 
Could have stayed a lot longer!

Saturday saw me rushing around like a lunatic, organised as ever. Amelia had a party to go to and no fancy dress costume to wear. I rummaged around our wardrobes, found an outgrown shirt of Jack's, I stole a red silk handkerchief from Chris's Bow Tie set and sent Chris off down to Argos to pick up a cowboy hat! A few plaits and VOILA! One very happy little lady!

On Sunday we decided to strip out the play house and start claiming it back. The multi-coloured walls are long overdue for a change after all it was almost 4 years ago we painted it last! HERE 

Progress is slow as it's going to need at least 3 coats. I lost motivation and drive half way through and really need to refocus. I am struggling with what I want it to look like VERSES what needs to be stored in there. It was so frustrating, running out of time and having to load the play house up again with baskets of garden toys and general clutter, but it was either that or leave it all over the garden! 

I have however started revamping the old dartboard.

and also a little table.

 Not sure what to do with myself really, got so much to do I don't know which way to turn first. I'd better make some decisions and fast, or else I'll be back to work again! In need of a push in the right direction!


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