Saturday, 9 April 2011

Crafty kids and altered boxes!

Well yesterday saw the end of another school term, Jack came home with loads of revision plus extra bags of washing in the form of his PE kits, Amelia came home bouncing out of the taxi wearing some rabbit ears she had made and laiden with some Easter goodies. On investigating the contents of her school bag I pulled out a creation wrapped tightly in blue paper towel, Amelia looked on excitedly as I unwrapped it. Inside was a lovely little clay pot boldly decorated in red, blue and gold. Fantastic, I thought- little pots to hold "stuff" are always welcome in our house - we seem to accumulate "stuff!" AS I admired the paintwork, I happened to notice the initials scribed into the bottom of the pot.......and they weren't Amelia's! LOL We discussed whose pot it was and Amelia was really quite concerned that she had another little girls work, I put her at ease saying that she could give the pot back today as she is going the the child's birthday party this afternoon. Problem solved! I delved back into her bag pulling out the second little creation wrapped in blue paper towel and this is what I revealed!

JUST what I needed - the head of Anubis!!! Not quite as useful as useful as a pot! Hmmm! Still in search of some creativity I happened to come across some nice boxes, just calling out to be altered...can you hear them? Now exactly how I will alter them, or in fact what I will use them for is another matter entirely!

Right, all is quiet here at the moment. I am really suffering , so heady and congested and practically no voice at all. My darling Chris has taken Amelia to her party, Jack is SUPPOSED to be doing homework and I am going to have a hot, steamy shower followed by a dose of Lemsip and some Olbas Oil! Atchoooo!


Nicky said...

Hope you are feeling better after your shower and lemsip. Looking forward to seeing how you alter the boxes as I have a couple I want to do and dont have a clue where to start! x

Mina said...

anubis is fab tell your Daughter shes a little artist, I love the colours...ooohhhh I love having a play with old boxes...the top one would be perfect for little cupcakes dont you think
Mina xxx