Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What to do next!!!!

My poor little head is spinning, playhouse still in chaos, living room ceiling half down, Amelia due back this evening and the plasterer due in tomorrow morning.....what I time to have crafty ideas, inspiration and the motivation! LOL

At least the inside of the playhouse is painted, well the basics anyway...I fancy decorating it with silver stars or something. As you can see I used up scraps of old paint for a beach hut, summery feel. I wondered whether the concoction of blue paints we mixed together, the lilac and the lime actually worked but when we started using the large ladder (which really has nowhere else to be stored) as a storage unit for some of the toys, I am now even tempted to bring a bit more orange and yellow into the scheme.

I sorted out a few old, odd buttons and some wire and would like to start a sort of mobile/wind charm to hang from the ceiling- not quite sure how that will work out but hopefully the children will enjoy helping me.

I also had the idea of salvaging an old dartboard from the loft, it never really had a home but thought it might be a fun game with Jack, not too sure I fancy Amelia throwing sharp objects around though!! Now this is crying out to be altered, don't you agree? Another project I'd like both the children to help out with.

I have popped down to our local hardware shop today and I am attempting to make a pendant out of a washer. I am eagerly waiting for the Glossy Accents to dry and will post a pic and details as soon as I can. Not quite sure of mine at the moment but others I have seen look fabby!

Right off to move a bit of furniture around in the living room and then make up Amelia's bed so she has some where to sleep tonight.

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Kath said...

I think it all looks fabulous .Well done you.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Love the use of the ladder... and the colours are excellent... I love painting lots of colours on walls... can't do it so much in the house though... Mr P objects... eventually! lol

x Alex

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