Monday, 2 August 2010

It's very quiet here today!

I am just not used to being without Amelia being next to me constantly BUT she is staying with her Nanny & Grandad for a few days and Jack is certainly not the early bird of the family, I am letting him have a little lay in this morning.

Now to update you of the havoc in the Dingle house. On Saturday we had some bricks delivered for me (yes, ME!!!!) to build a little brick wall. I will say it's is only a little, one course of bricks onto the foundation footings that Chris has already done for a rockery border in the garden. Now the thing is, Saturday was rather wet and gloomy so I now have a pile of bricks in the middle of the garage waiting for the next opportune moment to strike.

So our plans for Saturday went slightly astray and I told myself that I would do some gloss painting instead-there's still loads that needs doing in the house but gloss painting with Amelia around is not an easy thing, well not unless you like loads of fingerprints in your paintwork. I have been feeling pretty low this last week, having both the children at home and their abilities and preferences getting further and further apart has really hit me hard and I needed aboost.

What better way of a boost than a bit of creativity, this creativity took the form of attacking the "playhouse." Now we got the playhouse 5 years ago with the intention of making it exactly that, a summerhouse that the children could play in but when we had the house extension a few years ago, the contents from the old garage got stored in there and it became more of a really messy shed. See what I mean!!! (BLUSH)

Now please don't expect to see some fabby, designer creation. I made the best out of a few weird and whacky colour combinations and used up some old, half empty pots of paint in an attempt to save money and make a bit more space too! I hope to get back out there today and finish off the painting. I have a few more crafty ideas for this little playden, our suite is being replaced soon but the two seater sofa is in reall good condition still so it's going to have a new home in the playhouse, posible covered with a patchwork throw and a match homemade rag rug on the I too optimistic...yeah, I guess it may never happen but the though was there.

It doesn't help by the fact that yesterday as I wandered through the little crafting section at Dunelm Mills, I came across a SEWING BOOK that I couldn't resist!

Now my poor sewing maching has not been used properly for years, it's dusted off for the occasion stitched card but that's about it! Hmmm, now I am in another quandary
...what do I do first!


Hazel said...

You must feel really strange without Amelia there, but good for you to have a bit of a break. Tackling the playhouse sounds a great idea (we have a summerhouse in the garden which tends to get stuff dumped into it) x

Anonymous said...