Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ooops, I did it again!

What happened to creating every day? Life got in the way again I am afraid. I have crafted every day , a bit of knitting and an unfinished image sitting on my desk but after the hectic weekend, work and a hospital appointment all I was fit for yesterday evening was curling up on the sofa with hubby and feeling sorry for myself!
Not feeling much better today I am afraid, had an awful morning at work, come home had lunch and done a bit of housework and now I have less than an hour before Amelia gets home.
Talking of Amelia, she was an absolute little darling at her Audiology appointment yesterday, she was so polite and listened so well! I had a huge lump in my throat and was so very proud of her. Unfortunately her hearing is still an issue; they want to carry out a balance test (something that has never been done before) possibly a CT scan of her inner ears and are referring her to the Ear Nose and Throat Surgery for further assessment. We may be looking at grommits and/or a hearing aid in the near future. Well as near in the future asthe NHS will allow. For the time being I am needing to put drops in her ears 3 times a day!!!! LOL...hmmm with her huge host of sensory issues, that will be fun!
Jack on the other hand is coping very well with his SATS exams and last night went to the Cricket club for his first time, he really seemed to enjoy it and did very well!
VERY proud of both my "little" darlings! (and my big one too is you are reading Chris!)
Right, waffle and moan over with, I am going to share my poor, part finished Michelle Perkett image, go and get the kettle on and make a card for tomorrow's Copic Colour Challenge!

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