Saturday, 1 May 2010

Catch up and chaos!

Well the plan for this afternoon was to leisurely sit in the conservatory sipping tea and crafting!! LOL....yeah as if that was ever gonna happen! As well as the children being in "extra grumpy mode" my poor mum and dad had a bit of a home emergency too. They had water pouring from the flat upstairs, through their kitchen ceiling and flooding out their kitchen, hallway and into their living room! They have no power so we had to try to shuffle around food in freezers and cook part of their dinner for them.

Love you mum and dad, hope it gets sorted soon for you so! XXX

Right, I thought I'd take a few minutes playing a bit of catch up blogging.

Here are a few DT cards I made recently but with my recent lack of internet and pure lack of organisation- they just didn't get blogged here! TUT TUT, slap my wrist.

The first was for the Dottie's world Butterfly Challenge using a beautiful Pixie chick download.
Next was for a Copic Colour Challenge using the fabby Sid- Silvertrail from Toodles and Binks.

Right, short and to quickly finish my Dottie DT card for tomorrow's challenge...oh one day I WILL be organised!

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

sorry to hear about all the "bad luck" and hope it all turns around soon. but it sure hasn't hurt your talent! these are fabulous!