Thursday, 12 February 2009

Funny Thursday!

Not in the HA HA sense either. Just feeling so tired and fed up with all the school issues. I had a bit of a run in with the SENCO yesterday morning as Amelia's support is being mucked up again. It's been hovering over us all for so long now and the school are no better prepared to take in a child with Down Syndrome now than there were nearly 5 years ago when I first approached them about Amelia.

On top of all that, I ahd to collect Amelia from school yet again this morning as she had a bit of a funny tummy. Had to phone in work and I HATE letting anyone down!! Saying that she has been a pleasure to be with this afternoon, we had so much fun and the sound of her laughter kept me going for a while.

I have just finished making another card, again, I am not sure of it but I think that just the way I am at the moment-trying to do so many things and not really feeling successful in any of them.
Anyway, seeing as I now have a few more Copic colours to play with I decided to have another go at the Copic Colour Challenge.

I still haven't got any of the actual colours requested so I used;

Y17 Golden Yellow, YR04 Chrome Orange, YR16 Apricot, YR23 Yellow Ochre

B23 Phthalo Blue, B32 Pale Blue, BV 04 Blue Berry

I am loving my Copics!!!


Jo Nevill said...

Oh Adele, I do feel for you with all your troubles and it must be such a worry for you. At least you had a lovely afternoon to make up for some of it.

I love your card and your colouring is fab. The colour combo you have used is gorgeous, so springlike, just what we all need.

Take care of yourself,

Jo x

Paula's ponderings said...

wow Adele that's lovely and I am happy you are enjoying the challenge! Thank you for playing again. X

Carol Ann said...

Not been the best of days for you but the card you have made is lovely I don't know what your not happy about? I hope tomorrow is a better day for you x

Sammi said...

Dingle - so sorry to heat that they are stuffing you around so much! Hope Amelia is feeling BETTER! And hope that the school starts being helpful soon! LOVE this card!!

A Hovel to Home said...

Big hugs to you - thinking of you sweetie.

Lovely job with the colouring.


Anonymous said...

Hey Adele, thank you for joining in our first challenge.
I absolutely adore your card. it is fantastic. Well done

~Shell (copics colour challenge team)