Friday, 7 December 2007

Thank goodness it's Friday!!!

It has been a rather strange and draining week in the Dingle household. Poor little Amelia has been really ill, full of cold, high temperature, not eating, and having a sleep during the day- something I have not seen for many years. Bless her, I had to WAKE HER UP at gone 8am this morning when she is usually the early bird of the house and waking everyone else at 5.30-6AM!! Took her to the Doctors today as she just wasn't shifting it!!

The house, well not much progress really this week BUT we have at long last got a radiator fitted in our new dining room- perhaps we won't be wearing hats and scarves for XMas dinner after all!

Jack is the little socialite of the house! Tuesday he was in London visiting the British Museum with his year at school. Wednesday he was one of 4 children from his school & attended a Christmas party at 11 Downing Street!! Yesterday he went for tea at a friend's house and tonight he has his school Xmas disco....and all the while poor little Amelia has curled up on the settee and slept.

I am sooo out of routine I feel sort of lost- I need a kick up the backside to get me back on track and all the while I am desperately dosing the rest of the family up with vitamins and minerals to avoid the lurgy!!! I haver managed hardly any crafting at all, still only a few rows of knitting when I have had a few minutes "spare!" much for being organised this Christmas eh!!

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Rachel said...

Its been a while since you posted so I hope you are still hanging in there and things are starting to calm down a bit!

I just popped by to say Happy Christmas and new year - and here is to a healthy happy and craftful new year!