Thursday, 6 December 2007

Not in the best of 'Elf!!

My little Amelia has been very poorly this week, she has even taken to having a little afternoon nap....something she hasn't done for years. I am rather at a loose end with so many festive preparations I SOOOO want to be doing but only snatching a few minutes to mysELF every now and then.
At least the festive fun has been keeping me going on my favourite forums!!! There is one little chappy keeping us all on our toes over on JUST BEX...the one and only Elvin the Elf. Every day he cracks the whip and sets us a new challenge but like a good little Elfie, a crafty prize is being sent by reindeer to one lucky member each day. So far we have had to load a piccie of oursELF...eeekk, a forum treasure hunt, a template challenge, a language quiz, a maths quiz and today he has got us doing a bit of ol' that how it is spelt? So long ago I took my O'levels....but at the grand old age of almost 132...I don't suppose little Elfie will take that as an excuse!
Right, must dash, got to dust off the tinsel and find the fairy lights!!!!

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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear your little one is poorly. Mine too if it's any consolation. She's had a cold that keeps coming and going but not quite going enough.
I've been so busy preparing for a big fair tomorrow and still have a bit to do but it's not very helpful when Tilly's nose is running all over the place.

Ok, well I'd better get mysELF back to pricing ..