Sunday, 23 December 2007

HO HO HO!!!!

Hey, when will life slow down-I sooo need a rest! Amelia has been poorly,mum has been rushed into hospital and back on hemo dialysis 3 times a week! In general life is just sooo hectic at this time of year anyway. At least the run of school events,parties and concerts is over and done with. Finished my mum and dad's shopping today and then had to go back out later after Amelia's riding lesson to get our own! Chris is off of work now until the New Year and we now intend to switch off as much as we can and enjoy the festive fun with the kiddies!!

I have been knitting like a mad woman, and also made the odd card or two but not much to be honest. I have some lovely goodies from Lisa at Craft Faries for some Design Team projects-must get going on those!!!! I have also won some goodies on some of the fun and exciting events going on at Crafts by Caroyln and Just Bex.....will take some piccies and update on that as soon as life calms down!!!

Today, I am trying to get all festive with a piccie of our Xmas tree for today's challenge from Elvin on Just Bex. LOL.....well it was lucky the tree actually got put up this year-only a few weeks ago we had no heating in the dining room and bare conccrete floors, so please understand the lack of skirting and the general chaos in the room!!!
Our tree is rather chaotic too, each year we get a dated bauble from Harrods from Chris's Mum & Dad but the rest of the tree decorations are a complete mish mash of what we have collected over our 11 years together. Some mean more than others: We have a little church to represent our Wedding Year (97) of course first xmas decs for both Jack (99) and Amelia (01) and some representing us!!! Chris has a little red shining car...and I am an old boot!!! ( Say no more!)
Our pressies don't really go under the tree......we all eagerly await Father Xmas and his delivery and we have Mince pies, carrots, beer and a bowl of water all ready for preparation!!


Anonymous said...

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Linda said...

Hi Adele
Hope you had a good Christmas

Linda x