Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Housework...what housework....!!!

I am trying to ignore so busy with my Xmas cards and I want to get things done and dusted. Made up 7 cards yesterday and cut and prepared another 6, all ready in their polybags ready to be assembled. Today I am in the middle of preparing another 4, again all ready for assembling tonight while I watch "I'm a celebrity!" What a sad little life I lead!!LOL It's not too bad as a am working on a few of the same designs at a time now!
Here is a pic of the card I have recently made for a friend. I made a similar 18th card for her in the summer...I still love those big blooms! In fact I popped a few more in my basket while at Dunhelm Mills a few weeks ago....can't go running out now can I!

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