Monday, 5 November 2007

CBC Big Challenge 16 To die for!

Make a CHRISTMAS card using DIE CUTS. No other rules.

An EXTRA 5 points if you use something on your card that starts with A Please LMK what ‘A’ thing it is you have used when you post OOOO AND I DO NOT MEAN A BRAD A BUTTON!!!!

Well I have quickly rumaged through my boxes of die cuts, thinking b for brad, r-ribbon, c-card, r-rub ons, w-wreath, h-holly, s- snowmen.......everything but As! Then I saw my cut but un-made reindeer, legs, bodies, heads, ANTLERS!!! LOL, well it begins with an A but whether it will be allowed, we will just have to see! LOL.


Em said...

Well I think it should be allowed!

Another fab card Adele.

Kitty said...

Hi, been reading your blog for a while and admire your work enormously. Just wanted to say I immediately thought 'antlers'!

Keep up the good work.