Monday, 5 March 2018

Out of my Copic Comfort Zone!

After my last post, I felt quite negative about my crafting ability. Even during the years I was working on some Design Teams, I was never confident in my work. Being confident and happy about my ability may never happen but I also struggle with just allowing myself the time to be creative without the guilt of not actually getting a finished article! Crafting for enjoyment only seems very self indulgent when you are fighting with chronic pain and are a full time carer!

Over the weekend I downloaded a FREE online class from Kit and Clowder and as Amelia went back to school today I had a few hours to make a start on it. I must admit I have not done much yet but I am loving feeling part of their Facebook Community and very much look forward to doing a few more main issue is being decisive enough to decide which one! LOL

I have never done any form of class before so I am looking forward to a bit of direction!

I will keep posted on how I get on!


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