Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I've had a lovely day. A cooked breakfast, choccies, flowers, DVD. A scrummy prawn salad for lunch.
Afternoon tea and cakes with my darling Mum. Then while Chris cooked a gorgeous dinner of roast pork I made the most of a little me time sorting out my craft room.

Last Wednesday, this is what it looked like, well one small wall next to me main craft desk. Unloved, unorganised and completely uninspiring. 

My new shelves were waxed and waiting to be hung, and this afternoon Chris and Jack put them up for me!
I was very keen and eager to fill them. 

I am not saying everything will stay on these shelves as I am yet to start painting an almost identical set of shelves to go on the opposite wall BUT I have really enjoyed categorising and sorting as I work through various boxes.

I am a long way from finished and I know I will keep taking steps backwards before I get there but I am really surprised how much I am enjoying the process. 

Right, off to sample some of those chocolates and watch one of my new DVDs. 


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Kath said...

Fabulous Adele. You have really made a lot of progress. You will get there before too much longer I think!