Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Chaos in the Craft Room!

Well, part of my goals for March was to spend at least an hour a week tidying and organising my craft junk room. I have done so little crafting in recent times it has just been a dumping ground for potential Ebay stuff and things that just don't have their own place to go.

So, this afternoon I squeezed into the clutter for about an hour and shuffled things around. Didn't actually achieve much but it is a start. Just getting in the room was a challenge in itself.

Underneath this, there is a work desk!

The felt board has not really been used since I was working on sentence structure, verbs etc to support Amelia's Speech and Language. (She must have been in Primary School! LOL) I am sure I could be using that space more effectively now.


and after "my hour!"

HMMM! Not much difference is there! LOL

BUT, sitting in the conservatory almost ready to go!

 I think I need a whole new outlook and re-think on my junk room.

Hey ho!


1 comment:

Kath said...

Well you have achieved something in your craft room. Love the book case/ display cabinet?