Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, NEW ME!!!!!

I haven't blogged for many months, September saw us trying to settle Amelia into her new school. Hopefully progress has been made but she is still missing her old school dearly! She now gets homework, or should I say WE now get homework, as she is a long, long way from the independent learning the school talks about.
It's just more things we need to schedule into our lives....somehow!

It's been a long hard struggle for a few months. My health has really suffered and apart from the day to day basics in life, I have done very little. Crafting has been non existent, in fact I can hardly get in my craft room, let alone be creative in there!

I am not sleeping well, have been full of aches and pains, lower back and joint pain, felt flu like since the beginning of October but MRI results are clear. Doctors are putting it all down to stress so things NEED to change as I don't want to live my life on painkillers.

I am setting myself some smaller challenges rather than New Year's Resolutions, breaking my goals down into monthly chunks which will hopefully seem more achievable.

My list for January!

Crafty Things!
Make 1 anniversary card
Make 2 Christmas cards
Make 2 male Birthday cards
Finish boot cuffs
write up 4 knitting patterns

Other things 
Sort out garage (enough to use treadmill again!)
Work out an exercise plan
Decorate living room
Get back into Blogging!! (At least once a week)
Finish reading the book I started in August! :oops: 
Find floor of craft room! :oops: :oops: :oops: 
Load software for wireless printer onto laptop.

I will finish with some positive waffle about the wonderful time we had last Friday. The Kent Wide Down Syndrome group organised a trip to the Panto down at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. We had a little pre-show party where the main members of the cast came around to say hello to all the children. Hopefully, as you can see from the pics, Amelia was truly in her element! She had photos taken and got her Programme Autographed.  I cannot praise them enough, they were all so fabulous with the children!


Right, got a very busy day head of me IF I am going to achieve anything today!

IF I am going to keep to my little goals, I should be back again soon with another waffle blog!


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Kath said...

Fabulous photos Adele. Obviously the children had a great time.
Life is very busy when your children are this age so you are bound to get stressed. You need to learn to relax but it is not easy. Could you fit yoga into your already busy timetable? It might help.