Saturday, 20 April 2013

I can sing a Rainbow!!!!

What weird  weather we have been having, loads of rainbows! I couldn't resist hanging out my hall window yesterday to get this snap.

It's been a funny week really, a few appointments for Amelia, staff training, back to real time for crafting, just dithering about what to do next. I have done quite a few more pennants for my bunting and I have also got another exploding box in bits all over my lap tray! Yes, I am still trying to craft downstairs on my lap so that I can be with Amelia. Chris and Jack have gone off to football to watch the Gills play!

I have done bits and bobs of crafting, a few stamped images here and there but not actually completed anything......YET! Still I will tell myself creativity is a work in progress.

Right, let's stop the waffle and get back to the exploding box!


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